10 Week Course

The Cambridge University has discovered through research that it takes approximately 66 days to instill a new habit fully into our lives.


Our first course runs just over that amount with new daily routines, meditations, planning guides and much more.


Like anything though, it takes your time, effort and willingness to see it through to become the new normal. Don't start unless you can finish.

Facebook Group

We've setup a private Facebook group that only members of the Initiative will have access to.

This group will help provide support, answer questions as well as have direct access to the course runners.


You will also be able to share ideas in a judgement free zone and learn together as a group of Leaders. Share insights, success stories, challenges and more!


Learn from the Best

A daily discussion about that days topic. Installing any new habit requires information and the 'Why we're doing it' behind it.


These mini pod casts will get you up and running each morning with just the right amount of info in a short amount of time.

We have curated 3 of our favourite leadership books to be part of this course*. They provide vital information about how the course can be used to instill the best Leadership tips and tricks into you.


They are included in the course at no additional cost.


They are:

Support Materials

All in one place

Included in the package will be support materials in the form of a daily planner, log book and more to ensure you stay on track, learn what you need to and implement it into your work day.


It's easy to be distracted, so this will keep you focused and on track.

Our Initiative Portal will have all the materials you need in one place. You'll be able to access download-ables, listen to the DailyTalks, get transcriptions of them, and much more.


Track your progress, know where you are and what's next and access links to the Facebook Group and monthly hangouts.

*We are in no way affiliated with any of these authors, their teachings or their businesses in any way. The books that are provided are used at supplements to the teachings within this course and we believe that their knowledge is a great asset to have when becoming a leader. After all, why re-invent the wheel?

Group Coaching

We host a group coaching session every 22 days. Each session will cover over the past months of learning, as well as answer any questions you may have.


These knowledge and rally sessions will help you through the tough parts of change and reinforce the teachings as they happen.


The Beginners Mind. It would be a mis of us to not mention that you are an integral factor in this Initiative.


Without your willingness to learn something new, implement it and make it part of your daily being, none of this would be possible.


So come to the table with an open mind,  be eager and free of preconceptions while studying this course. You will reap the rewards.1